Advice on hospitality and interior design for holiday rentals

designed by silence helps you to create visual tranquility in your rental home, so that you offer a unique experience for your guests.

Offer your guests the luxury of tranquility

A calm, harmonious surrounding and space to connect within. More and more people find these to be the ideal conditions in which to enjoy their holiday. Are you able to offer this to your guests?
designed by silence helps owners of holiday homes, hotels or Airbnb guest rooms:

  • to respond to the needs of many potential guests
  • to create a luxurious look of serenity and ambience
  • to distinguish themselves from other providers
  • and therefore to achieve more bookings

Little changes can make a whole lot of a difference. designed by silence can help you create that tranquility and laid-back look & feel of your property, providing your guests with a unique experience; the space to easily unwind.

Your options

Sleep-over with consultation

Invite hospitality and interior design consultant Satrina Wilske to stay a night at your guest accommodation and find out how you can attract more guests!

Styling advice and visualization

designed by silence shows you how to create a warm and inviting interior with the luxurious look of visual silence and tranquility.

Conceptual interior design and make-over

designed by silence is the ideal partner to create an exclusive and appealing getaway where your guests feel at ease, slow down and enjoy themselves.


  • The styling consult from designed by silence concerning my Airbnb guest room absolutely had value. It suited me personally and also in my role as a host. Due to Satrina Wilske’s dedication to good service, hospitality and snug, comfortable rooms, her support has lifted my Airbnb guest rooms to a higher level.  

    Anne Malsy-Mink - web author and provider of an Airbnb guest room in Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • What a relief to finally have someone at our B&B who is able to evaluate objectively as a consultant as well as a guest! Satrina gave us feedback in a pleasant and supportive way. I would recommend any B&B owner to use her service.  

    Nanny van Deelen - B & B Willemshoeve, Wageningen, The Netherlands
  • My extended guest accommodation exudes exactly what it should radiate. With the knowledge gained from designed by silence, we created a supporting mood board which helped to improve the functionality of the room. I found it very pleasant to work together with Satrina Wilske!

    Astrid van Bennekom - Trainer / Coach and owner of B & B Boederij de Zalm, Schalkwijk, The Netherlands


designed by silence is the label of an interior designer, a hospitality and trend expert Satrina Wilske. Satrina Wilske translates relevant trends in order to develop an original and distinctive interior, helping you to create a special guest experience. Her approach is professional, original and a little quirky.

The result is always unique: it takes into account the personal tastes of the owner of the property as well as the specificities of the location and surroundings. And of course, irresistible to your future guests.


Do you want to discover how a consult in hospitality, styling and interior design can make a change for your holiday rental? Call Satrina Wilske on +31683942494 (she will be more than happy to use English if you prefer) or email her at