designed by silence is the ideal partner if you want to offer your guests an experience of calm space with a laid-back look & feel. So that your guests relax and enjoy spending time in the interior of your hotel or holiday rental.

The range of holiday accommodations is huge these days. If you want to receive more bookings, you have to stand out from others.
Making a difference doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose for silence as an ally. Because there is a huge lack of visual silence. Especially when it comes to holiday rentals.

In pursuit of silence

Silence is a luxury that will be appealing to a lot of guests. By the way, these busy people are not literally looking for silence. It is about tranquillity: an atmosphere in which your senses relax and where the space enables you, alone or with others, to enjoy yourselves mindfully.

If the interior of your accommodation reflects visual silence:

  • your online presence on booking sites gets more attention,
  • you stand out with a harmonious and inviting look
  • you can ask for a higher price
  • you give your guests a special experience that will make them want to come back

The pursuit for silence is an ongoing trend that offers you a chance to attract the large target group of busy people, people searching for quality time and enjoying an environment that helps to unravel. And those are often people who are willing to pay more for a restoring stay.

Range from consulting to complete restyling

Even a small change can make a big difference, therefore, designed by silence offers several possibilities. From a hospitality and/or styling advice to a complete restyling of the interior of holiday homes or hotels.